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Game: Legend of Zealot

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Category Role Playing
Requires os version:Android2.3 and up
Greetings, Hero! In the Sanctuary, you are the best warrior. Now, there is a rough mission needs your hand. Go to the deep north, the ancient frost titan is fighting against the council. As the order from the Archbishop, we must assassinate their king before their army leave the north to do harmful to other countries. Angiris•Falari, the lord of frost titan, he is strong and cunning. Beware, our journey will not be easy. After that, you will be a legend!

Utilize gear refinement, jewel socketing, companions and much more to increase your power to overcome the most difficult enemies. Team up with your friends to take on quests and explore our vast fantasy&dangerous world, achieve heroic feats and lead your guild to the top of the multiple player leader board.
- Great Storyline! The frost titans are called by their bloody lord from the long peace! And the Ice Elemental is fallen into the their side. A war is coming! As a Zealot, what will you do for the council?
- Stunning Combat! Intensive turn-based battle makes it just like you are watching a epic movie!
- Adventure with Your companions! Giant ogre, mysterious elf, ghost knight, insane mage and more!
- Hundreds of Morph cards. Transform as Elves, Orcs, Undead, Titan, Dragon and More!
- Explore the North Frost and other countries, or unleash the true multiplayer game experience: Make friends or enemies, duel, communicate and more. A wide range of interactions makes each player a living part of this fantasy universe.
- Join a party or guild to become stronger and fight with your teammates to overcome the most challenging part of MMO games: World Boss.
- Take part in epic multiplayer fights and try to lead your guild to the TOP via Guild War

THE WORLD belongs to YOU!

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