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Game: Magnate-build your monopoly

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Category Board
Requires os version:Android4.0 and up
“Magnate - build your monopoly” is a multiplayer game that merges several gaming concepts. Game basics are similar to a popular classic Monopoly board game. However, the rules of “Magnate - build your monopoly” are made to minimize the impact of luck, so the game outcome generally depends on players' choices. This makes “Magnate - build your monopoly” very similar to strategy games.

Play “Magnate - build your monopoly” against other players all over the world. Meet other fans, chat in chatrooms and play together. Use our online ranking system to find out how good you are compared to the other players.

Enjoy the game of Magnate and use your wits to defeat the opponents. The game offers numerous strategic choices in buying, upgrading and trading. Will you offer the highest price on auction, or are you just ramping the price up so your opponents have to pay more? It’s fun and exciting to play against other human players. Try to defeat them, and check your progress on our online ranking system.

Have fun playing!

• online play against other people
• exciting and challenging gameplay
• cunning thinking is required in order to outsmart your enemies and win the game
• online ranking system
• simple to learn and play
• meet and chat online with other players in our chatrooms

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