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Game: MPC Electronic Music Hero

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Category Music
Requires os version:Android2.2 and up
Enjoy with this fantastic Electronic Music Hero game , in which a part of the visual scores follow the rhythm of electronic music of various genres , you can create music with his MPC board built to give you the ability to create electrifying tunes.

This Electronic Music Hero lets you go up one step in the creative world of music , as it allows you unmatched choices regarding other applications of the same gender .

Music is a true Hero Electric and show your friends playing in multiplayer you'll have both your own terminal or online , who is in charge in electronic music .

Feel the vibrations in your body to create electronic music and make it available to your friends , set up this portable studio at the same time is a musical game of skill.

Countless samples to exchange and get the perfect track with synths , drums, vocal samples and all the music you can imagine in high quality.

The Hero game has these features :

- Game multitouch , with " sync rate " perfect beat with the rhythm of song.
Multitouch - Pulsation in all lanes .
Both local and online multiplayer game - mode
Single - player mode .
Music creation mode with MPC table
Visual - effects .
- Settings for low and high device performance.
Musica high - quality , original all our producers.
Customizing skins.
Score - board .
intuitive graphical -interface dynamics .
- Two difficulty modes both Amateur and Pro

In its mode of creating music , find the table of MPC , this will give us the ability to create our own music tracks .

- Features MPC table :
- Creating tracks
Creation of samples.
- Playing samples.
-Change of samples.
Voice - recorders with microprocessor .
- Recorders internal and accessible sound .
Loop- mode .
- Share activity on social networks ( Twitter and Facebook).
- PFL samples.
-Creation of vocal samples ( sung ) .

All of our music is original producers of electronic music, and Blaster Biggas Plan.

Become a real dj of electronic music with these magnificent music tools that we provide in our wonderful music creator MPC table and electric melodies .
Enter the paradise of Music dj music , create music samples and the actual producer of electronic music from your phone, 24 hours a day will carry music in their blood.

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