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Game: Music Notes Sight Reading Game

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Requires os version:Android2.3 and up
NoteZart is a fun educational game to help you learn music notes easily, improve your sight reading and your musical ear.

In the game's main screen you can select Treble or Bass clefs with different levels. There are 68 levels in total. In each level, different pieces of music notes come along with the three educational mode options; Learn Mode, Arcade Mode and Hear Mode. The music notes flows on the screen with the relevant piano sounds. Players have to hit the correct music note on the piano keys below the staff ledger. If it is the right music note, the note turns into green. In the Learn mode (sight reading training), if player hits the wrong music note or doesn't hit any piano keys, the correct note appears on the pop up screen. In the Arcade Mode (improve sight reading), the speed of the game increases in time; as a music note in 4 seconds, in 2 seconds and finally in 1 second! In the Hear Mode (musical ear training), the player just hears the piano sound of the note, but not sees it on the screen.

After you complete the 68 levels, you will have learned all the music notes of Treble and Bass clefs, while you improve your sight reading and musical ear!

Moreover you can go settings from the main menu and select one of the music notations below:
- Southern and Eastern Europeans (do re mi)
- English (C D E)
- North European (C D E ... H)
- Bizantine (or pa vu)
- Indian (sa re ga).

Keywords: learn music notes, ear training, sight reading, educational game
Tags: learn music notes, ear training, sight reading, educational game

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