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Game: NBA Connect

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Requires os version:Android2.2 and up
Download the top rated social sports game that let’s you play alongside your favorite team(s) on game day. Support your team and play against fellow fans and rivals throughout the entire 2013 season! It's the BEST way to enjoy the NBA and NCAA games from your couch! Play by yourself, invite your friends, challenge your enemies!*

*** Play against friends and foes with every NBA game as you watch LIVE on TV or at the Stadium! ***

*** Facebook account no longer required for game play!***


* Authentic NBA Teams

Featuring every NBA team, Basketball Connect is a fan's dream! Unite with fellow fans and rivals to enjoy a new experience to live gameplay.

* Use Facebook Connect to challenge & play with your friends

* Each player will get a unique Basketball Connect game board made of real pro Basketball game events

* Earn points when live events happen in the game.. if you have matching events on your game board. When you complete 4 events in a sequence, then you earn a “Connect” and triple your points!

* Use 'Swaps' in the game to change the players and events on your Basketball Connect game board. Swaps are earned through in-game achievements and can also be purchased through the Basketball Connect Swap store.

* Use weapons to mess with your opponent’s gameplay. Use power-ups to increase your chances of winning. Make sure to trash-talk throughout the game with our built-in gamechatr feature.

Basketball Connect takes the best of live Basketball and social gaming– all on your Android from anywhere in the world.


By: One Up Games – We make watching live sports more fun!

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