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Game: Nicki Minaj Guess Song

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Category Music
Requires os version:Android2.2 and up
This Nicki Minaj Guess Song is a guessing game to guess the title of the song and the lyrics. It's nice if you can win every level, because the game is made very simple so easy to understand displays. By the time you start the game you will certainly show the initial face a very simple but very elegant. In every game has been made by Categori already set so that you can choose between two games in one application.

In the first category you will play the game to guess the title of the song, in which almost all the song titles are in the category. You simply press the alphabet letters are available under the column question. If you've correctly answer each question and you get a value of one, and so on.

Then for the second category are games or guess the lyrics, here you will find some of the lyrics and of course your job is to complete every song that will appear on the screen. If you can answer correctly then you will get the value of coins and if you're wrong answer then you will decrease the value of the coin.

Important: This app is easy and games for entertainment. In this application aims to help you give your entertainment. All existing content must own the copyright of their respective owners.

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