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Game: Real Grenade Bang

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Category Simulation
Requires os version:Android2.2 and up
Borka throw a grenade !!
With the app explosion grenade feel yourself as a real war , entertain their friends different types of grenade explosions and sounds !
Play with your friends in a shooter ! Take in hand tablet or a phone, like a grenade or a bomb and throw in friends ! As long as she flies bahnet so that even the neighbors will hear !
Good graphics and realistic sound cannons and machine guns ! Grenades and bombs will be added !
To play you only need to choose you liked the grenade and click on the alert finger case of late throw as far as possible , that would not have hooked you! A lot of people who love guns . people like to hold it in your hands to shoot with him.
Each bomb has its own sound. Connect your phone directly to your speakers at home , and let the neighbors think that you have a nuclear war !
In the application grenade explosion, you can " bombanut " from the phone.
The application for the game does not require an internet connection - so you can use it in any place ! Such as car, house , garage, street, school , shop , entrance, on the subway, train , plane, under the desk and in other places and occasions!
Arrange with your friends by downloading a small voynushku well as our applications Firearms Gun weapon shooter! Play free explosion of grenades you can now !
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