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Game: Running Frenzy

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Category Sports
Requires os version:Android2.2 and up
Control the runner's muscles and try to run for 100m as fast as possible without tripping over! Figure your own best way of running! You don't have to run in a conventional way. You can just do anything you can to reach the finish line, like the guy on this video:

However it is not that difficult to run like a normal human being if you gain enough experience!

The physics in the game is meant to be fun and not to make the app a boring real-life simulation of running. Please consider that when reviewing and rating.

Please read further if you think that:
1. Game is too hard.
2. The controls are too sensitive.
I can assure you that once you gain experience in controlling the runner you can easily run 100m in under one minute without much effort. The game is hard at the beginning. This is done on purpose.
The controls are not too sensitive. By touching an arrow icon during gameplay you are instantaneously telling runner's muscles to contract with full strength to move the legs in one direction or the other. In order to move the legs gradually and not almost instantaneously you have to touch in between the arrow icons (legs will move to a position that depends on where exactly you touched the screen).
The best way to control the game is by swiping your fingers between the arrows and not just touching the arrows only!
The permissions required by the app are needed by AdMob and AirPush ad networks for displaying the ads to support my work. Both of those ad networks are compliant with google policy. The game does not contain any annoying push notification ads.
tags: running, simulation, physics, qwop, andengine, sprint, 100m

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