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Game: Stock Market Simulator

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Category Simulation
Requires os version:Android2.3.3 and up
Welcome to the Stock Market Simulator application. Start with $10,000 and work your way to the top. The application is a simulation of the real US stock market based on the 15-20 minutes delayed quote service. It should not be used as a decision tool when doing any real transactions and Virtual Mobile Games is thus not responsible for any losses that might incur from the misuse of the application. All the information on this application is informative and should be regarded that way.
Stock Market Simulator can be used by novice stock players to start building their knowledge about the financial market and start buying and selling stocks without having to worry about the outcome of their transactions. Experienced players can build a virtual portfolio and easily keep track of the evolution of the desired stocks.

Dividend payouts are supported.

Penny stocks are not supported on Stock Market Simulator application.
Stock Market Simulator plus application supports penny stocks.

To get a recovery code please email us at and we will provide you with the code.

If you will use cheating software you will get banned and won't be able to use any versions of the app, until we have removed you from the ban list.

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