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Game: Stone Shooter

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Requires os version:Android2.2 and up
1. Network play
2. Local Play
3. Single Player
4. Ranking

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1. Leaderboards
2. Achievements
3. Multi player (Online play)

[How to play]
1. Choose your stone
2. Pull your stone with drag & power control
3. Aim the other party stones
4. Take away your finger
5. Then you'll attack rival stones
6. You need to remove all of rival stones to win. (Just let the rival stones out from board)

When you play the game obstacles will be appeared as below.

1. Bomb
If stones is crashed Bomb, all of your or raval stones & bomb are removed.

2. Hole
If you drop the stone into the hole, it'll be come out through the other hole.

If stones are crashed tire, it'll bounce off the tire.

4 rocks
If stones are crashed rocks, it'll bounce off the rocks a little bit.
When the rock is crashed 3 times with stones, it'll be removed perfectly.


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