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Game: Storage Warfare Demo

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Category Strategy
Requires os version:Android2.2 and up
*Try out the first and only Storage Auction game on Android*

Have you ever heard of a Storage Auction? Well Storage Auctions are modern day treasure hunts. In Storage Warfare, you attend storage auctions and your goal is to locate the treasures buried within the storage units, and then turn a profit!

The only weapon you have in Storage Warfare is your cash. The more cash you have, the more deadly you become.

In Storage Warfare, you have 3 main competitors who will do whatever it takes for them to get to the treasure and leave you with the trash. They will outbid you every chance they get, or they may just run the price up on you to make sure you won't be able to turn a profit. You have you use a close eye on what is in each unit, to make sure that you can outsmart your opponents and only bid on units that will be profitable.

Outbid, Outsmart and Defeat your opponents in Storage Warfare.

This game allows SD card Storage.

Storage Auctions are Wars!

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