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Game: Street Drummer

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Category Music
Requires os version:Android2.3.3 and up
Grab your headphones and bang on pieces of junk that make great sounds all while our animated street drummer plays to your beats. In Jam mode, play drums to songs in your music collection. In Song Maker mode, tap out a pattern to be repeated as background for practicing your real musical instrument. It’s your personal beatmaker with over 40 percussion instruments you won’t see or hear anywhere else.

In Jam mode, tap the musical note to select a song from your collection… then Jam on the street drums! It’s great for dubstep, west coast rap, hip hop, rock, metal, country, kanye... limited only by your imagination. See how others use it on our Youtube channel.

Create beats in Song Maker with drums and then dance or practice your piano, guitar, bass, or whatever musical instrument you like to play. Now you have a drummer to keep the rhythm loops for you - like a metranome with attitude.

We get you started with a few virtual drums. Just keep practicing to earn a few more. The drum kit layout can be fully customized and more drums are available in the Drum Shop. Make any drumset you want. All the sound effects in this app are original; sfx that you won't find in any other drumming apps, drum pads, or drum machines.

These pieces of junk samples sound like congas, african drums, hand drums, snare drum, kick drum, bass drums, cowbell, and cymbals. The difference here is that they really come from real junk and you can see them and hear them and play them. Sounds of madness!

Combine Street Drummer App with an amplifier, some speakers, a mixer, your dub, and become a deejay for the street... an urban virtualdj studio for your city with endless muisc possibilities. You'll make sounds on par with the best marching bands and drumlines.

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