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Game: Tanks: Rebellion of Legends

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Category Action
Requires os version:Android2.3.3 and up
WARNING! If the game crashes occur when you try to exit to the main menu: Run the 7th level of training and press pause button and then exit. If bugs will continue in the future - be sure to write me!

The aliens have taken over the Planet and destroyed the Earthling military forces.

However the resistance fighters are using the weapons and equipment they have found in museums. Real legends are in action!

New game in world of tank battles by indie developer. Destroy the enemies, get all awards and don't forget to park your tank!

With a great variety of enemies and logic problems the game will suit any player's taste.

Game features:

-Realistic tanks (model, tank tread physics, gearbox and engine)
-Realistic physics of weapons
-Various levels with unconventional ways to destroy enemies
-Realistic graphics


-New tanks
-New levels
-Gamepad support

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