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Game: Ultra EDM White Drum Tiles!

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Category Music
Requires os version:Android3.1 and up
Are you a EDM fan?

If not i'd like to welcome you to Electro House!

Electro House EDM Drum Tiles! is a music rhythm game created for fans of Dubstep and Electro House music.

Imagine being a Dj and you're performing on stage and you had to play everything perfectly to please the crowd. That's the feeling I'd like the user to have when playing this game!

Looks easy doesn't it?,

DON'T TOUCH ANY OF THE WHITE DRUM PADS! Instead press the colored ones, you earn a lot of different points way!

Give it a swing, I hear it's addicting. I'm sure you and your friends will have a lot of fun playing as a dj so rock and roll away!

There's three modes, Easy Mode for the kids and the babies.

Hard Mode, for those of us who like a challenge.

Then there's Stupid Hard Mode, for the fearless!

The hard modes are timed, so you have a certain amount of time to collect your earnings before the time runs out.

Become a EDM beat maker and earn points by pressing the drum pads today!

9/30/2014 - beta launch

Music provided by, with permission:



All the songs, themes ringtones and images are owned by the owner of the songs. We, CLXXII, only use this content in our free app and we have obtained this content from public domain. This app is a FREE fan-based application. This app is not associated with Skrillex in anyway. I am clxxxii, I am not pretending to be someone else. This app is not authorized by or produced by another company or organization. The company that produced this app is clxxxii. This is a fan-made app and no copyright infringement intended. Please show your support by buying his album when it's released.

In order to keep this app 100% free, interstitials are shown. Thank you for your support!

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