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Game: Ultra Police Hot Pursuit 3D

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Category Racing
Requires os version:Android2.3.3 and up
Chase down the most wanted outlaws down on a highway, which are trying to outrun the Police in this 3D police chase game. As a police officer it’s your task to cash down en takeout the wanted criminals. Street racers are born with a need for speed so taking them out isn’t an easy task.

The street racers will try to avoid your police car to continue their illegal race. Get your speed up fast enough and crash your cop car into the street racers. You need to prevent them from escaping before the level ends.

The Racers will challenge you to really keep up with them. So let them see how good a cop you are. Don’t make the wrong move or you will fly of the highway. Your goal is to get the outlaws into jail and not to crash into office buildings. The street racers will be driving on top speed to stay out of prison and to escape you.

Ultra Police Hot Pursuit 3D t Is a great fun 3D hot pursuit game in a 3D surrounding.

Ultra Police Hot Pursuit 3D game features:
- 4 different cop cars
- 9 challenging levels
- Steer by turning you device

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