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Game: Vampire Simulator

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Category Role Playing
Requires os version:Android2.3 and up
From the darkness rises a giant renegade Vampire. The creature from your worst nightmares comes to life, but this time you are in control. Just when you thought it was safe to go for a walk in the forest, here comes the creature from the graveyard. The more points the Vampire scores, the larger he will grow. You control this beast as he hunts down zombies, horses, and skeletons. If you enjoy playing free play simulator type games, you will enjoy taking control of this Dracula type beast.
Features Include:
--Awesome graveyard effects for an extra scary experience
--3 Maps to explore
--Excellent visual and sound effects
--High Quality 3D graphics and exciting gameplay.
--Realistic 3D Vampire

Go hunting for zombies, skeletons, horses, cars, and anything else not attached to the ground. If you enjoy games like Shark Attack, Crocodile, Bear Simulator, Goat Simulator, Dinosaur Sim and Horse - you are going to love this game. It is created with high quality graphics and smooth controls. Play it now!

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