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Game: Vampire Solitaire

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Requires os version:Android1.6 and up
A Vampire lost cards needs your help! As a Vampire you should collect all the lost cards. When the lost cards are no more than three, you can pass level pass. You can get a perfect ending If all the lost cards are collected. Otherwise if the lost cards are more than three, you will fail the level.
Some cards were frozen or petrified. You should find a hammer to destroy the rocks or clear all the ice cards to save them. You can get help from the bats when you run out of the decking cards. Enjoy your magic travel.

Players comments:

Tricia Psarreas(Amazon)
This is a sort of gothic twist on golf solitaire or tripeaks. Each level gets progressively harder and more addictive than the last. So far this is my favorite solitaire game for my kindle fire.

Kathi Staley
Most unique solitaire game I loved this totally unique & fun tri-peaks type solitaire game. I completely lost track of time. It's quite addictive.

Bambi Melton
Awesome game! This is the bestest solitaire game I ever played so far. Awesome graphics.

Kirsty Louise Gloster
Amazing solitare game. Excellent solitare game very challenging and highly addicted.

Michelle Ufermann
Totale sucht Gefahr aber toll Kann man nur weiter empfehlen ist voll toll *-*

Shirley Ziegler
Geil Ist super, holt es euch

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