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Game: videogame2all lite version

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Category Trivia
Requires os version:Android2.2 and up
If you think you are a geek of video games enjoy testing your memory and remembering retro and new video games of all types of game consoles.
Face SNES games, NES, MEGADRIVE, SegaSaturn, GAMEBOY, PSX, SegaSaturn, GBA, GameBoy and N64!
In this game you have to guess the name of a video game just watching its cover.
You have 300 videogames to guess in the full version and 150 in the Lite version.
And if you do not know much about video games as you thought you can always ask for help from your friends via Facebook or get 3 hints that come with the application but instead of receiving less points for the success.

Dare you try to guess them all!
Includes -------------------------------- ----------------- -----------------------------------------
# Location in English and Spanish
# Integration with facebook
# 150 arcade classics lite version
# 300 Classic games in the pro version (+ will add more in future updates)
# advertising (free version only)

Buy full versiĆ³n here: Visit here

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