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Game: Wurgle

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Requires os version:Android2.2 and up
Welcome to Wurgle – the magnetising new word game challenging your inner-dictionary on every level.

The central hexagonal letter on the playing board is known as the ‘Wurgle’. All the other letters on the board are attracted to the Wurgle. As letters and words are removed from the board the letters will be pulled toward the Wurgle, bouncing off other letters as they move to create a fully dynamic and ever changing playing board.

The aim of the game is to find words in the playing area and clear the board before the timer finishes. Words can be formed in any direction as long as each letter is adjacent to the previous letter. Simply click on each letter to select it. If you make a mistake you can unselect a letter by clicking the previous letter to go back. If you wish to unselect an entire word, just click on the first letter of the word.

Words can be created anywhere on the board. You do not have to include the Wurgle in each word.

As you progress onto higher levels the time you have to clear the board is reduced. Each time you find a new word bonus time will be added to the timer.

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