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Game: YARR! : The Musical Pirates

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Requires os version:Android2.2 and up
Yarrrrrrr! Ahoy me hearties! Say hello to the cutest and most talented Pirate crew of all the seas! The Yarr Pirate Crew! Never before have you seen such a swashbuckling set of pirates sing their hearts out while adventuring around the world!

Join Captain Monkey on his adventure and recruit a pirate crew worthy of the name! In Yarr Pirates – The Musical Pirate Crew its your job to put a crew together and train them up to be the best singing pirates in all the seas!

In Yarr Pirates – The Musical Pirate Crew it's your task to assemble a team of pirates and train them up one by one making sure they hit all the right musical notes! You'll get to watch how cute they are dancing along to the beat! So Super Cute! Level up each character and earn and collect coins along the way to unlock new characters and expand your crew. This game is all about quick thinking and speedy fingers as all the best pirates have! Get Tapping and dancing, and feel the heat and power of being a Super Cute Pirate!

These bunch of animals truly are the cutest Pirates around! Each with their own unique animated dance to make you smile! Mega Awesome fun is to be had! With Captain Monkey at the helm anything can happen so get going and join him.

Yarr: The Pirate Musical Game is a guitar hero style music rhythm game with a piratey theme. Play as fast as you can on all the levels. Get as many stars as you can! If you like rhythm games you’ll love rocking and rolling out with Yarr.

Yarr: The Pirate Music Game is great fun for any age, you and your friends will love to play. It is easy to get into for kids but can be challenging enough for adults as the levels give a challenge to adults and teenagers.

Tap along to your favorite tunes and see if you are skilled enough to succeed. Get your friends to set a score than swap with them and get your revenge by beating it!

Everyone likes fluffy animals singing and rocking out. This is a great way to chill out and have a cool and funky time. Tell your friends to play this game! Monkey, Hippo, Meerkat and octopus and all waiting for me. All can be played in the rock music game. Collect lots of animals for your swashbuckling pirate crew. If you love Cats, Dogs, Horses, and Puppies or other animals you will love this game. The animals are just so cute.

Cheeky Captain Monkey must collect his crew for his pirate ship. He needs some muscles and big mamma Gunner Mables fits the bill perfectly. For a lookout he quite fancies All Eyes Emmy the meercat, although perhaps really he would like for them to be girlfriend and boyfriend! Will Captain Monkey find Love on the high seas? He also needs some food cooking and Chef Wiggles the octopus has enough arms for the job!

Pirates are ready for ROCKING! Lets go.

YARR Pirates – The Musical Pirate Crew! A Super cute FREE game so why not give it a try today! 10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1,go!

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