Wallpaper: Heritage Not Hate

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Added:130 months ago
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  • maryamwasim


    19 months ago
    Love the Flag
  • matthewtweedie


    19 months ago
    Love this flag
  • redneck94


    102 months ago
    you narow mindid sons of bitche$ need to learn some history except you fellers that
    like the flag
  • ashleynbrown1992


    103 months ago
    i love this flag
  • kbrianey


    110 months ago
    That is hate and nothing more then it you are so one track mind if you belive that
  • melindamm


    111 months ago
    actually check your history you idiot its the nazi p.o.s. who tried to make this flag
    into a racial thing .....i was born and raised in the south and it was actually the
    confederate army battle flag its about the same as putting down anyone elses flag do
    you go around calling white people ,crackers,or mexicans ,spics,or anyother racial
    slurs well i dont and if you werent such an ignorant a@# like half of the nation
    reguardless of race you might be able to pull your simple minded head out of your a@#
    and realize that this nation isnt based on racism
  • rjascott121


    117 months ago
    this thing screams hate! why? heritage not hate is exactly why! you would not need
    to put "not hate" on this p.o.s. wallpaper if it were NOT symbolic of hate! and i'm
    quite positive that the moron who put this thing up probably has some "nigga hating"
    crap on his phone, too!


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